Who We Are

CoSara Diagnostics Pvt Ltd utilizes the core competencies of its joint venture partner companies, Synbiotics Limited and Co-Diagnostics Inc, to manufacture high-quality molecular diagnostics products in Ranoli, India.
CoSara has the exclusive manufacturing rights in India for the complete menu of Co-Diagnostics infectious disease molecular diagnostics kits, engineered using Co-Diagnostics’ proprietary design process and patented CoPrimer™ technology.
CoSara was incorporated in 2017, and its 2,500 sq ft Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility is one of the first of its kind in India for manufacturing in vitro diagnostics designated for clinical use.

CoSara is proud to offer the following COVID-19 Dx products:

Saragene™ COVID-19 IVD Real-Time PCR Test Kit (Manufactured and Approved in India)

Logix Smart™ COVID-19 Test Kit (with U.S. FDA EUA and CE Marking)

Synbiotics Limited

Synbiotics is an Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing company, whose management and operations teams have vast experience setting up state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, including compliance with all national and international regulatory requirements (WHO-GMP, US FDA, EU-GMP, etc). Synbiotics is a group company of Asence Inc, a U.S. incorporated company specializing in supplying pharmaceutical products to international markets, and both are subsidiaries of Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprises Ltd., or ASE, a continuation of one of the oldest and most respected manufacturing institutions in India in operation today.

The Sarabhai family has run ASE since its inception as textile mills in the 19th century, building an empire that in modern times has led to ASE being synonymous with trusted, quality pharmaceuticals. Learn more about Synbiotics here.

Co-Diagnostics Inc

Co-Diagnostics, Inc. a molecular diagnostics company with a unique, patented platform for the development of diagnostic tests, manufactures and markets a new, state-of-the-art diagnostics technology and trades under the symbol CODX on the Nasdaq exchange.

Co-Diagnostics received the patent for its innovative CoPrimer technology in 2018, which covers the structure and method for synthesizing nucleic acid
CoPrimers molecules. This structure underpins the technology that has been shown to enhance the output of polymerase chain reaction (“PCR”) molecular diagnostic tests by dramatically minimizing false positive test results.

The patented structure of CoPrimer technology is ideal for a wide array of PCR applications, including infectious diseases, multiplexing of PCR reactions, SNP/SNV detection, agricultural and food supply chain uses, liquid biopsy, and next generation sequencing. Click to learn more about Co-Diagnostics and CoPrimers.

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