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What we do is driven by what we believe. Which is helping create a better quality of life on a large scale. That’s why we are making our revolutionary PCR technology available at cost-efficient pricing around the world.

Advanced Detection

The unique, proprietary structure of CoPrimers molecules creates reactions that are far more specific than competing PCR technologies, to better identify the presence of and distinguish between viruses, pathogens, cancer, or other attributes in agricultural or industrial applications. The prestigious Journal of Molecular Diagnostics deemed CoPrimers a TECHNICAL ADVANCE as they are 2.5 MILLION times more effective in reducing amplification errors.

Accurate Diagnostics

One of the most important attributes of Co-Diagnostics' CoPrimer technology is the virtual elimination of “primer-dimers,” the principal source of false positives in diagnostic testing. Primer-dimers are essentially the amplification of errors that can take place during the course of a molecular diagnostic test. These errors dramatically minimize the accuracy of the test and lead to false results and/or inaccurate diagnoses.

The CoPrimer Binding Process

No primer dimers, No optimization, Real> multiplexing

  1. Long PROBE quickly “anchors” bringing the short PRIMER into close proximity with the DNA target.
  2. The DNA strands fold, allowing the CoDX® short primer to bind
  3. When the polymerase extends, the capture (probe) is cleaved, releasing the fluorophore

Performance & Multiplexing

The importance of test accuracy cannot be overstated, particularly in a medical diagnostic situation. To be able to accurately diagnose a condition will allow for appropriate treatment protocols that can have a profound quality of life impact on a patient. Inaccurate testing for cancer or infectious diseases can be a life or death proposition. By virtually eliminating “primer-dimers” from molecular diagnostic testing, CoPrimers enable superlative performance of real-time PCR molecular tests.

CoPrimers’ specificity also enables the identification of a broad spectrum of conditions in a single molecular diagnostic test procedure – known as Multiplexing – as opposed to conducting discrete individual procedures. Multiplexing enables a single test to identify numerous conditions, attributes, or genetic sequences simultaneously. Multiplexing has enormous implications on cost-efficiencies and time savings in molecular testing, which could prove substantial in a medical situation and in a manufacturing or agricultural setting.

Creating 80% Reduction in Research, Design & Development costs

The End Result of CoPrimer® Cooperativity

A Revolutionary Improvement in the top 3 Objectives of Molecular Diagnostics :

  • Increased Specificity
  • Sharper Sensitivity
  • Mega Multiplexing

Patents no. 10,093,966 and 10,704,087, both titled “COOPERATIVE PRIMERS, PROBES, AND APPLICATIONS THEREOF,” cover the physical structure, applications, and method for synthesizing a nucleic acid molecule in the structure first developed by Dr. Satterfield in 2012. Co-Diagnostics owns all the intellectual property on which CoPrimers are based.

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